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AEMakes Pets: Katherine, Piggy Harnesses

Thursday, 30 June 2022

AEMakesPets: Katherine, Piggy Harnesses

Prince Piglet Perry of Pendre on his 11th birthday

PiggyHarnesses started eleven years ago when Katherine could not find a suitable harnesses to buy for her growing lad. Katherine’s family were skilled craft shoe-repairers, and her dad had made Piglet’s first collar by adapting a man’s belt. By the time Prince Piglet Perry of Pendre, to give him his proper title, needed a harness to start getting out and about, Katherine had to put her sewing skills to the test.

Piglet in the first H-Harness.

She now offers a range of harnesses, predominantly for pigs, but will also make harnesses and head collars for other breeds. Her customers are based all over the world. New business comes from recommendations, growing pigs, and expanding pig families … and sometimes, replacements. The harnesses are made from top-quality cushioned webbing from Abbey and last and last, but it is not unheard of for harnesses to be chewed enthusiastically by their porcine owners.

Katherine adores pigs, and her favourite thing about running PiggyHarnesess is that she gets to talk to other people who are crazy about pigs. She runs a group on Facebook for fellow pig-lovers and is always delighted to connect people with parallel interests or challenges, and to find good homes for pigs.

Harnesses used to walk pigs need to be strong and reliable. Katherine loves the strong Abbey Curved Clips, cushioned web, and nylon bonded thread, and is super-proud of her ‘X box’ sewing skills. Her products are colourful, smart, and strong – and made to fit each individual pig.

Nevi has had his harness for 6 years, and spends much of his day in the creek.

As pigs grow larger, it can become harder for them to lift their trotters to step in and out of their walking attire. Katherine is putting the finishing touches to a no-step H-harness featuring one more of those comfortable, strong curved clips.

We would like to introduce you properly to Prince Piglet Perry of Pendre. He is Katherine’s heart pig and the reason behind PiggyHarnesses. Piglet had two homes: his own garden house, furnished with sensor-lighting, a radio, and selection of duvets, and the main house where ramps helped him get wherever he wanted to go. In addition to being the company’s model, he held a role in the media, predicting rugby scores by choosing either a toy piglet or a toy pumpkin. He took both roles very seriously.

We think Katherine was Piglet’s heart-human.

Piglet as the measuring model.

PiggyHarnesses is proud to produce pig harnesses in the UK, using quality-assured components sourced from Abbey England. Handmaking to the measurements of each pig, using cushioned web which works well with pig-hair, means that Katherine can be confident that every pig is happy in their harness – and that makes her very happy indeed.

Pig Pets

Pigs are sensitive, affectionate, and intelligent animals, and a growing number of humans are welcoming them into their homes as pets. However, like any member of a family, pigs must be cared for properly, and there are responsibilities to be met by pig-guardians.

You should ensure that you can comfortably and safely accommodate your new friend, and that you have the correct registration and licenses in place. Read more here.

Did you know?

  • ‘Pig-diddled’ describes how people may be taken in by the promise of a micro- or mini-pig only to watch as their pig grows from a small piglet into a sizable presence. There are smaller breeds but make enquiries to ensure you find a good breeder.
  • You need a license to take a pig for a walk … and a well-made, comfortable, and safe harness.
  • Dogs and pigs, or puppies and piglets, are generally different shapes and so a dog harness doesn’t usually fit a pig. Katherine says that she finds the third harness is the ‘forever harness’ as pigs grow quickly and increase significantly in size.  
  • You may need to alter your home to enable your pig to move around easily, for example, by installing ramps.
  • Pigs make fantastic companions, but some find themselves rehomed because their humans did not realise what keeping a pig entails. If you have questions that you can’t find the answer to, Katherine is happy to help, and give guidance where she can.

Piglet … as a wee piglet