Abbey England strengthens international bonds with BioThane

Abbey England strengthens international bonds with BioThane

Abbey England strengthens international bonds with BioThane

Abbey England is proud to be an in international supplier of quality materials for the equestrian industry. As the UK’s official distributor of BioThane, it has a wholesale agreement which allows the supply of BioThane to EU countries (with the exception of Spain and Germany).

Since 2018 we have supplied over 900 customers with BioThane products, and one of its long-standing clients is Wahlstén, a Finnish maker and supplier of riding equipment.

Founded in the early 1900s, Wahlstén is now one of the biggest equestrian companies in the Nordic countries. It is Abbey England that Wahlstén turns to for the supply of a revolutionary new material called BioThane.

A water resistant and resilient material that is modern, practical, and easy to clean – as well as being kind to a horse’s coat – it is becoming increasingly popular in the equestrian industry and is taking the world by storm.

Johanna Heiman, head of production at Wahlstén, said: “We consider BioThane to be a highly adaptable and dependable material, even in changing conditions. Across the Northern hemisphere, we have four seasons and temperatures change from +30C to -30C during the year. BioThane stays pliable and flexible so it doesn`t freeze or break, even in the hardest conditions in Lapland!

Wahlstén biothane products

Biothane products made by Wahlstén.

“All of our products are made for use at a professional level, so our standards are extremely high in our selection of the materials we use. Synthetic products are becoming more and more popular in the equestrian industry, and we rely heavily on Abbey England’s high quality BioThane; a highly adaptable and dependable material.

“With horses there is always sand and mud involved, so all parts of a harnesses can get very dirty, very quickly. A harness made from BioThane can be used with 10 horses during the day, as it doesn’t absorb water, it is easy and fast to clean; just rinse and wipe and it’s ready to go again.”

Our extensive BioThane range has a clear advantage over other distributors, with over 300 BioThane products available. These are used across many industries as well as Equestrian, including Uniformed Services, Country Sports (pet and field sports), Leather goods and Apparel.

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