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Welcome to the Abbey Information Exchange. At Abbey we believe strongly in
continuous professional development and we’d like to do all we can to help
our customers, suppliers, colleagues – in fact everyone we know – develop
and grow. So in this forum we’re going to be sharing tips, articles, news,
videos, in fact anything and everything we think will give your personal and
professional efforts a boost.

The Abbey England Podcraft Episode 6: Women in Saddlery

In episode 6, we celebrate International Women's Day with Helen Reader. A female saddler at the top of her game. In 2018 Helen became the only SMS member to hold the titles of Master Saddler, Master Harness Maker, Master Bridle Maker and Master Saddler Fitter. This year, Helen has also been named one of the UK’s 100 inspirational entrepreneurs by Small Business Britain’s f:Entrepreneur #ialso100 campaign  as well as being named as the next President of the Society of Master Saddlers.

The Abbey England Podcraft Episode 5: Meet our 2021 Scholarship winners.

In episode 5, we meet and greet our 2021 Scholarship Winners Christie Farren, a British Army saddlers apprentice to The Kings Troop RHA and Ross Miller, a website designer turned leatherworker. We discuss their drive for saddlery and leatherwork and their future plans.

Don’t sell, tell. A guide to T.E.S.T.

Don't sell, tell! Marketing is not about selling your products to an individual but showing that individual that you'll look after them if they choose to become a customer. Read what Phil Neave from Neave Creative has to say on the matter.

The Abbey England Podcraft Episode 4: Changing Tack with Suzie Fletcher

In episode 4 we interview Suzie Fletcher, Master Saddler and leatherworker. We discuss Suzie’s expansive career from her harness work being used by the Queen of England to her move to Colorado and why restoration, is so important in today’s world.

The Abbey England Podcraft Episode 3: Heard about leather? Jo Heard, leatherworker to YouTube Star.

In this episode, we interview award-winning Saddler and leatherworker Jo Heard from J H Leather. Jo’s wealth of experience in the leathercraft and saddlery industry has enabled her to build up 40,000 YouTube subscribers. Jo tells us about how she got to where she is today and the challenges she faced along the way. 

How to grow your hobby and craft business online

If you’re not already claiming digital real estate for your craft or hobby business, do not fear. Ed Grey, Founder and Director of Lead In goes over the top-level methods you need to boost your online business profile. The foundations of ranking a website on Google relies on three key areas. These are keyword-focussed content, link-building and technical SEO.

The Abbey England Podcraft Episode 2: Biothane Belting with Scott Hanna

The Abbey England Podcraft episode 2 in now available. Listen to Biothane’s International Sales Manager Scott Hanna discuss the phenomenon behind Biothane belting and why more customers are choosing to make their goods from the PVC coated webbing

How to write a press release.

A press release is a great way of promoting your company, its products and services to a much wider audience. Once shared by an online or print publication, it can be seen by hundreds – sometimes thousands – of people, which can be highly beneficial to a business. Read this step-by-step guide now.

The Abbey England Podcraft Episode 1:Sedgwick Leather - premium price for premium leather

Listen to our podcast now. The Abbey England Podcraft is dedicated to sharing Industry insights with fellow supplier, customers and leading industry experts. Listen to guest host Business Development Manager, Jessica Aiers from Leather UK alongside Sedgwick Leather General Manager, Phil Bevington and Operations Manager, Mark Abraham. They discuss the reasons why Sedgwick leather is the best traditional English bridle leather on the market

8 courses to improve your leather skills.

Over past few months wehave seen an influx of new enquiries from novice leatherworkers who have had the desire and need to set up a side business to help ease their financial situation. For this reason, we list the top UK leather courses available in the UK today. All the information you need in one place including price, location and duration.