The Importance of Tradition

When it comes to artisan crafts, there are many longstanding skills and working methods that are steeped in tradition. Crafts that involve working manually in the manufacture of an end product have remained popular for centuries. Today these traditional crafting methods can take the form of companies manufacturing items using traditional methods, or hobbyists who enjoy recreating the past, using materials and approaches from past eras.

Express yourself in a smaller way with the LWUK Tiny Challenge 2020

We have teamed up with Leather workers UK to bring the mini bag challenge 2020! This is a great way to show off your creativity, skill and vision as well as winning some great prizes. Your work will be judged by the renowned Francis Roach and Tiffany Parkinson.

Letters from Lucy: September 2019
This month Lucy writes about self-development, motivations speeches and the benefits of being part of a community both online and offline.   Hi All, It’s been another crazy month for me! I’m a great believer in continual professional development, or good old CPD as it’s known. Every day you should be working to improve
Time to stock up on Fiebing’s new leather care products.
Fiebing’s Leather Sole and Heel Edge Dressing   This past month has seen us introduce 3 new leather care products from our friends across the Atlantic. Whether you work with shoes, general leathercraft or saddlery you might just want to take note… Fiebings Sole
Letters from Lucy: June 2019
Last month our 2019 scholarship winner shared some food for thought and argues why bespoke is best.   Hi all, Would It amuse you to know that my best friend is a trainee saddle fitter? Doing as friends do, we speak on the phone (a lot) and being the workaholics we are, we tend to talk about saddlery/saddle fitting almost daily. The
Letters from Lucy: April 2019
This month Lucy had a trip to see our friends and fellow Sedgwick investors, Crawford Hide Company in Northern Ireland. She was given the ultimate behind the scenes tour which gave her a great insight to just how much work goes into producing hides which later end up at Sedgwick HQ to be finished off...   Hi all, This month I’ve
This month Lucy tells us all about her conundrum in finding the right fitting for her customer’s horse harness…   Hi all, This month it was Abbey England to the rescue! A customer had been looking for some square white metal terrets (the metal rings the reins go through on the pad of a horse harness). After looking through all the
Customer Spotlight #16 J.H. Leather
Multi award winning Saddler Jo Heard is the proud owner of J.H. Leather. Established in 2014, J. H. Leather specialise in making bespoke accessories including dog collars, leads, belts, phone cases, shooting accessories to name a few. More recently, Jo’s business has taken a new direction offering leather work classes to keen leather