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Handbags and Gladrags: How Abbey England supplies the fashion industry.

At Abbey England, we supply some of the top British, European and global fashion brands, and also support a multitude of bespoke design businesses in both the UK and abroad. Whether its accessories such as handbags, or clothing pieces themselves, our products go into making some of the most stylish, desirable items in the fashion catalogue.  

Knock, knock…looking at some of the more unique products in Abbey England’s range

Door knockers are thought to date back hundreds of years, with some going back as early as Tudor times in the sixteenth century. Blacksmiths honed their skills and made increasingly elaborate and ornate designs. The arrival of the electric doorbell put paid to their popularity for a while. There has been a resurgence however and nowadays many homeowners like the look of a door knocker, even if they still enjoy the practicality of a doorbell too.

Time for the garden

One of Abbey England’s more unusual product lines are our sundials, which can be a wonderful addition to a garden. They continue to be a popular focal point for gardeners when setting out their outdoor spaces, and we have a wide selection of designs to choose from on our website. Sundials, either functional or ornamental, have been part of history since the beginning of time. A sundial indicates time by using a light spot or a shadow cast by the position of the Sun. Worldwide, sundials have been invented independently in every major culture, with each having their own version of the device. Their development is often linked to countries that enjoyed a lot of sunshine.

Time for the garden

11 months ago
Saddlery Series Part 6: Heavy Elastic

Elastic was first invented and used for clothing in 1820, and it can be assumed that using elastic in the production of saddles and tack wasn’t far behind. Our heavy elastic is commonly used on the saddle girth straps, with elastic on one or both sides attaching the girth buckles to the girth strap. This prevents the saddle slipping and ensures a snugger fit around the horse’s middle.

Bright, bold and brilliant; Why every workshop should have Biothane on its shelf.
Biothane is becoming a phenomenon across multiple industries but what actually is it? Manufactured in the USA, Biothane is a trademark name used to describe a polyester webbing coated in either TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The plastic coating brings with it many favourable attributes such as durability, water resistance,
Stuck with Glue?

Let’s face it, glues are essential for any workshop no matter what you are making. It brings projects together and adds strength and reinforcement when sewing is neither practical nor suitable. However, with the wide variety of adhesives available, it can be rather sticky to discover the right one for you. Adhesives may be interchangeable with different materials but...

Stuck with Glue?

4 years ago