Knock, knock…looking at some of the more unique products in Abbey England’s range

Knock, knock…looking at some of the more unique products in Abbey England’s range

Knock, knock…looking at some of the more unique products in Abbey England’s range

Among the huge variety of high high-quality metalwork produced in our Walsall-based foundry, our brass door knockers are among the most popular. Whether you want a door knocker that is going to suit the look of a period home or you simply want one that will look beautiful, regardless of the age and style of your home, our skilled blacksmiths have provided a wide range of styles and designs. These are made from solid brass to suit every front door.


The history

Door knockers are thought to date back hundreds of years, with some going back as early as Tudor times in the sixteenth century. Blacksmiths honed their skills and made increasingly elaborate and ornate designs. The arrival of the electric doorbell put paid to their popularity for a while. There has been a resurgence however and nowadays many homeowners like the look of a door knocker, even if they still enjoy the practicality of a doorbell too.


In Georgian times, door knockers were usually made of brass, unpolished towards the end of the period but by the time Queen Victoria was on the throne the fashion was to have a highly polished, really shiny one. The size and quality of the ornament denoted the wealth and social standing of the homeowner, while some were an easy way to display your profession on your front door.


A symbol of power and strength

The lion’s head designs, still popular with our customers today, were quintessential in Jane Austen’s Georgian era and were particularly associated with military leaders. Our prime minister’s home at No. 10 Downing Street, boasts a fine example of a lion’s head door knocker as a symbol of power and strength.


It is still possible to find original examples of antique door knockers, but these are increasingly rare. Fortunately, our traditional manufacturing techniques mean we can replicate these beautiful designs.


Lion door knockers on a red and black door

Abbey's Lion door knockers. Made from hand cast solid brass in our UK foundry.

Door knockers today

Nowadays, people are far more likely to be drawn to designs because they like them and think they enhance the appearance of their house. Some customers still pick a design because of a particular association with their life. Certain dog breeds, like our Boxer or Staffy door knockers, or our multitude of horse designs strike a chord with animal loving customers, for example. Others enjoy choosing a harp or Celtic cross to show their links to an Irish background. Door knockers shaped like a hand are popular around the world and have long been believed to be a sign of protection for the home. Maritime themes like fish, which used to symbolise the home of a shipping merchant, are now popular with people living on the coast.


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