Letters from Natasha: December 2020

Letters from Natasha: December 2020

Letters from Natasha: December 2020

Hello, everyone!


It is excellent that Abbey England continues its annual tradition and grants two further awards for 2021! I do not know who the winners are yet but I'm certain that Abbey England's team will make a good choice. You will have an opportunity to read the winners' blogs about their experiences and adventures in the leather and saddlery industries. For me, writing this blog this year proved to be a very useful and restorative exercise. I will keep writing posts next year, but on my own website.


So what are the results of 2020 for me? It was a tough year, no doubt. You all know we were unable to sell products offline, all fairs and events got cancelled, studios stayed shut for a part of the year. However, as a result, it paved the way for new experiments, fresh ideas and projects. For me there were quite a few interesting, unexpected developments.


  • I designed and created a few interesting hand-stitching projects, participated in several art contests, substantially improved my saddle-stitching techniques (both on the front and the back sides).
  • Met many leathercrafters and makers online and became friends with some of them (even if virtual friends). I am thankful to them for their assistance, support, and numerous practical tips.
  • Developed a series of workshops and DIY kits for making accessories at home. Hopefully, real classes will reappear next year.
  • To promote the ideas of sustainability, I created lots of pretty necklaces, collars, and pins using leather offcuts. It was fun to make and the resulting products are so lovely (I am very proud).
  • I made several re-design and upcycling projects (for example, made shoes out of boots).
  • Finally, I discovered a totally new direction for my art and craft creativity, started a series of leather interior wall decorations, applying a kind of leather mosaic technique. Love it and hope to develop it into a larger separate project.


Ten Cloudy's red leather necklace


So looking back and above, I can say it was a busy year. I hope these efforts will pay off next year in various meanings of this term.


Have a lovely Christmas and take care! Thanks for reading.



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