Letters From Ross: Mastering YouTube

Letters From Ross: Mastering YouTube

Letters From Ross: Mastering YouTube

Hey everyone,

Where to start! This is my first blog with Abbey England since winning the Scholarship for Leatherwork. March has come and gone in the blink of an eye but I have managed to be quite productive in spite of all the current coronavirus madness!

A big win for this month was getting my YouTube channel up and running. I had an order for a dark green simple card wallet and felt it would be a good subject to use for my first video. I have dabbled in video editing before but not filming… this was a great new experience, with a lot to learn and consider – lighting, focus, atmosphere, angles etc. I have seen quite a few videos of “make-alongs” where the footage has been speeded up in a time-lapse style. For my own videos I want to give a sense of the relaxation I feel when crafting, therefore, I have opted for a more “real” speed (as best I could when cutting an hour and a half worth of footage down to under five minutes!). I am going to try my best to produce more videos showing a mixture of techniques and products. Grab a brew, take a break and give it a watch!

Another milestone this month was to create my first digital pattern using Adobe Illustrator. Until now I have used pre-existing patterns or have made design choices on the fly with knife in hand. For a while now I have been wanting to make a Safety Razor Case for a popular razor with multiple parts made by a company called Rockwell. After quite a lot of measuring, testing and, at times, frustration, I was able to put my design to the test and I am incredibly happy with how it turned out.

Goals for April…

Throughout the next month I will be carrying on with my website with the aim to get it live at the beginning of May, if not before. I am also working on a few designs for some new items that I have been conjuring up!

I hope you all have a great weekend and make the most of the sunshine!

Take care,


4 months ago
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