Letters From Ross: New leather and new people.

Letters From Ross: New leather and new people.

Letters From Ross: New leather and new people.

Hey Everyone,

Well, May disappeared didn’t it! As I mentioned in my last blog post, at the end of April I was lucky enough to visit the Abbey England warehouse in Knutsford where I took away some stunning leather from the Sedgwick 1900 Collection. With this being possibly the nicest leather I have ever handled, I am approaching it with caution. Whenever I acquire a new leather, my first piece is always a small card holder. I do this as I can see how it cuts, stitches and burnishes without diving straight into a larger piece and finding out the hard way that I need to change my technique. For this card holder I have used the Burgundy 1900 and finished it with my wife’s initials and the symbol from her home US state flag of New Mexico, the very pleasing “Zia”.

I am still beavering away designing a satchel/messenger bag which is slowly starting to make sense, to me anyway! With Summer around the corner, I also have plans for an incredibly fun project which will be perfect for the Bowdon Whisky Tan.


Meeting others in the industry

When I began this craft, I contacted a few different leatherworkers for advice on techniques and where they source materials in the UK. I was quickly invited into the community through Instagram and a UK Leatherworkers Discord. With the lockdown restrictions relaxing a group of us from the community were finally able to meet up at a local pub to have our first Northern meetup! It was a brilliant afternoon with 6 of us in total. I have never seen so many handmade wallets on one pub table! To mark the event, we each brought with us our brass makers mark stamps and pressed them into one piece of leather. 


Card holder

Ross Miller's Card Holder

New Opportunities

With many businesses opening back up throughout the past month, my day-to-day work as a website designer has had to take priority this past few weeks. During this time, I have also accepted a new role within a local agency which is due to start at the end of this month. Hopefully when I start with them, I will have my evenings back, meaning I can finally get to use the new tools I have been staring at for the last month!


Take care,


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