Letters from Zoë: November 2020

Letters from Zoë: November 2020

Letters from Zoë: November 2020

This month has been another hit for saddlers up and down the country. With many businesses having to work behind closed doors and unable to be deemed essential enough to be open for customers. Making business, making bespoke items, much trickier than normal relying on customers measurements and working designs through phone calls, sketches, and emailed photographs!


Although it feels like a few years have passed since last January we have almost made it to a new year which means new opportunities and events. Even just the news that there is an approved vaccine brings a good note to end such a bad year.


Forecasted events such as the practical day in the spring for the ‘Introduction to Saddle Fitting’ course I mentioned last month which I’m excited to attend to apply all the information. It also brings around annual events such as ‘The National Saddlery Competition’ which although scheduled in a different month to usual is exciting to look forward. I plan on entering a few of the classes, especially the Master and Apprentice which this year is a curb and bradoon set of reins. Although what is also exciting is by the middle of next year I will have acquired all the qualifications to become a fully Qualified Saddler, and complete my Level 3 Bespoke Saddler City and Guilds Qualification. Although I’m still yet to complete the millennium apprenticeship as there is still another year of portfolio work to gather it’s still a huge step in my saddlery journey.


As an extra qualification, I’ve also decided to complete the Level 3 Harness qualification which means making an entire complete private driving set which I will begin making in the new year, with luck I will be able to find a buyer for this harness as it’s by far one of the most expensive qualification to take. I began teaching my Traditional Irish Cob to drive in the summer of 2015 and have ever since been focusing towards harness making, meaning next year is extra special.


With this in mind we ask what the new year will bring? hopefully it will be prosperous and rewarding after such a hard year. 



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