Live and Operate in the EU? Then Take Note.

Live and Operate in the EU? Then Take Note.

Live and Operate in the EU? Then Take Note.

Due to a further recent change in EU trade regulations, Abbey England will be adapting  the way it does business with Europe.

From 30th June 2021, all orders received and being dispatched to the EU require a minimum order value of £131.00 (Euro 151). This change in policy will ensure the correct VAT/Tax/Duty is calculated based on delivery at the country or place.

We encourage all our valued EU customers to consolidate smaller orders to ensure the minimum order value is met.

Orders placed between now and the 29th June 2021

To ensure we meet the new regulations, any orders placed between now and the 29th June, will be invoiced and shipped. Any items that are not available for dispatch on or before 1st July 2021 will be removed from the order and refunded.


Any orders placed after the 30th June 2021 that full under £131.00 (Euro 151) unfortunately, will be rejected.


Unfulfilled Orders

We will look to despatch all unfulfilled orders on or before the 30th June 2021 to ensure these orders are not caught in the new rules and regulations.  For any outstanding items that cannot be met, we will advise on whether we can maintain the order (if the value remains above £131) or not. If the value is less that £131.00, we will refund you and a new order will need to be placed which meets the minimum order of £131.00 (Euro 151) or above.


We apologise for the inconvenience  that this change may bring you but we have a duty to follow the new regulations as they become imposed upon us.


What Extra we need from you:

  • To export goods to your country, we need your EORI number. Please provide it to us by email ([email protected]) as soon as possible if you have not done so already.
  • When placing an order, please provide a mobile number so the carriers can contact you for duties and your own countries VAT/Tax. If duties are not paid, your parcel will be returned to Abbey England at your cost.
  • Please ensure your mobile number includes the country dial code followed by your mobile number in the following format: 0044 You MUST be available to take a call from the carrier and be in a position to pay the required Duty/VAT/Tax on your shipment to avoid it being returned to us at your cost.
  • If you would prefer to arrange for your own carrier, please specify this in the additional instructions box on the checkout page when placing your order online.


We are doing everything we can to make sure your orders are processed and delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible and everything is in compliance with the new trade regulations.


While we are still maintaining our dedicated ‘business as usual’ approach to every order, we please ask for patience at this time.

We apologise for any delay which your business may have already faced, we reassure you that we are working with our carriers to guarantee an efficient and safe delivery.

1 month ago