Saddlery Series Part 2: here’s what you need to know about welting.

Saddlery Series Part 2: here’s what you need to know about welting.

Saddlery Series Part 2: here’s what you need to know about welting.

Welcome to our new ‘Saddlery Series’.


Through this series, we will be showcasing the very best materials and supplies, hand-picked by us. We will spotlight the highest quality fittings in the production of saddles and side-saddles, allowing you to create beautifully finished products.


Abbey England is proud to have been supplying the international saddlery trade since 1982. Recognised by the Society of Master Saddlers. Our saddlery has become synonymous with equestrian style and saddle sophistication.


We previously covered saddle trees, and the second instalment in this series looks at welting.


Our collection is wide-ranging and includes felts, foams and flocks, as well as staples and nails, and also includes bespoke bridle badges, nameplates and knee rolls. In addition, you can choose from our quality choices of welting to add the finishing touches to your saddles.


Welting is used in a similar way to piping in upholstery. It eliminates rough edges and creates clean lines, for a smart look to the saddle. Welting is a strip of hardwearing fabric, usually leather but other materials are becoming popular, which is sewn onto the edging of a saddle to add a smooth finish. It is used to seamlessly join parts of the saddle which meet and attach, such as where the seat, twist and pommel meets the skirt on a saddle, defining the shape.


Decorative and functional, welting provides not only comfort when riding or competing. It also protects the cut piece’s edge and adds extra strength and water-resistance to a seam, enhancing the endurance and performance of the saddle.


We supply two main materials for welting; leather and plastic welting, in a variety of different widths, which are used by the world’s top saddle manufacturers.


Leather Welting:


Our leather welting has all the style and sophistication that this traditional material provides. Available in the traditional black or brown for a classic look, and provided on 200 metre length rolls, our leather welting is available in two widths; 3/16" 4.8mm thin bead and the thicker seam of 5/32" 4mm thin bead.


Our welting can also add a striking feature on your saddles when coloured for contrast from the main colour of the saddle panels, allowing our customers to customise the look and feel of their saddles, highlighting skills and detailing.


Our special colours include navy, royal blue, red, purple, green, chestnut, tan, stone, white, and more. Available on 200 metre rolls sized at 4.8mm , these can be made to order with a lead time of only 4-6 weeks.


Leather welting

Plastic Welting:


Plastic welting is increasingly becoming a popular choice in the production of modern saddles. Lightweight and strong, we supply plastic welting on 200 metre rolls in two widths; 3/16" 4.8mm  and the thicker seam of 5/32" 4mm.


Available in either black or brown, and with a smooth or textured finish, our plastic welting has the durability of plastic but with all the style of leather, giving that professional finish.


Please visit our website to view our range of welting here.


Stay tuned for the next instalment in our ‘Saddlery Series’; everything you need to know about foams.


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