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Letters from Zoë: October 2020

This month I started the next step in my saddlery training journey by attending the Introduction to Saddle fitting Course. Due to the restrictions of coronavirus, the course was delivered via webinar over two days. Traditionally this course is held at Moulton College, with practical and interactive demonstrations showing and explaining the proper fit of saddles. 

Letters from Zoë: September 2020

Relying on old and trusted things such as our houses and our favourite slippers is something very common, however, these things get worn. They need a bit of help and TLC, and this month has definitely been one for restoration. Going from a well-loved billiards box to replacing the webbing on a cartridge bag, the bursting seams of a briefcase, an endless amount of replaced straps, new handles, new chapes and even a chair or two to re-upholster.

Letters from Zoë: July 2020

This month has been a turning point for a lot of business’. We are now returning to a ‘semi-normal’ version of what life used to be like. I cannot express how much I miss being in the workshop. This was up until I found my first job was a bespoke belt to make which required stitching around the entire length, my fingers which had become extremely soft during lockdown were not pleased with this shock of work!