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COVID-19 UPDATE. Abbey remains open for business during national lockdown.

Following the UK Government’s announcement on Saturday 31st October, Abbey England will remain open during lockdown. We will maintain safe and social distancing within our workplace and our employees who can work from home, will do so.

Letters from Natasha: July 2020

My life, in general, has begun to change this month: we have started meeting friends, I went to London a couple of times, visited local parks and gardens on pre-booked slots. I even ate once in a cafe. So some sort of social activity is returning. Subconsciously I hoped everything to be the same, which is far from it. Sometimes I do not know how to react when I mix up going along one-way arrows on floor in public places, how to stick to social distancing rules in narrow corridors, whether to keep a mask on or off while shopping. 

Natasha holding a pricking iron.

After I started doing leatherwork and design a few years ago, I knew exactly where I was going and what I planned to achieve. I understood how to source materials, where to learn skills, and when to adapt strategy. In today's situation, I am slightly disoriented, and the future is not very clear.

Why content is key during COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses across the world have been forced to change how they work. Over the last month many of us have felt the disruption to our own marketing strategies and business models, but perhaps one thing that is comforting during these extraordinary times, we are all riding this wave together. New ways of thinking, adaptability and agility are all required to ensure businesses survive. However, what is apparent is that content (now more than ever) is crucial to our success. Big brands are flooding our social media with content competing for share of mind, while also reminding and reassuring consumers they can still fulfil our needs.

Letters from Natasha: April 2020

I hope you're doing well. What can I write about today? I would really like to write about something else than what is outside our windows, but it's not working. No matter who you are, a craftsperson, an artist, a designer, a taxi driver, a teacher, whether you are an Italian, a Russian, or an English, we all feel stress, and concern about today, tomorrow, and the future.

Top Tips for working from home during COVID-19.

In these unprecedented times we find ourselves in, we are having to adapt how we work. With most of the UK now working from home (WFH) full time, our normal day-to-day routine has been thrown out of the window. Although, working from home is becoming more common, especially for businesses in the service industry, I suspect for some individuals - like myself, do not work from home. However, like with anything in life, you adapt. This week we share some top tips for working from home during COVID-19 with some help from Helen Reader, HR Saddlery.

Covid-19: Trading Update

Our phone lines will be closed from Wednesday 25th  March 2020 until further notice. Any customers wishing to place orders, will need to do so via our website. If for any reason you are having trouble with your online account, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Covid-19: A guide to government help.

Coronavirus is all consuming right now. It’s consuming our businesses and the way we run our lives. Day-to-day we hear new advice as uncertainty looms and for businesses across the UK, including our own, could this be our darkest hour?  In response to the turbulent economic landscape, the BBC reported yesterday 19 March 2020 that the Governor of Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, took the decision to cut interests rates for a second time in just over a week, bringing them down to 0.1% from 0.25%. Interest rates are now at their lowest ever in the Bank’s 325-year history. This decision coincided with additional measures announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the Budget to help businesses survive this crisis. Even today, 20 March, Rishi Sunak is to announce and employment and wage subsidy package to help protect millions of jobs.

COVID-19 Update: A message form our carriers.

With immediate effect, our carriers will no longer ask customers to sign their handheld units and instead their drivers will sign it on your behalf. Our carriers will record the consignees name and a 'Delivered on Authority' message in the signature section of the unit. For any parcels shipped via Parcelforce, we will do are absolute best to send you your tracking detail manually either by telephone or emai

COVID-19 Update

Due to recent developments and spread of Covid-19, we would like to reassure customers that Abbey England will be continuing business as usual for the foreseeable future. Despite travel restrictions on individuals, we are not aware of any restrictions on the movement of goods. We are in  regular contact with our carriers and suppliers and we will update you as and when we hear them. Our current stock levels are healthy and we will be monitoring the situation closely...