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COVID-19 UPDATE. Abbey remains open for business during national lockdown.

Following the UK Government’s announcement on Saturday 31st October, Abbey England will remain open during lockdown. We will maintain safe and social distancing within our workplace and our employees who can work from home, will do so.

Letters from Natasha: July 2020

My life, in general, has begun to change this month: we have started meeting friends, I went to London a couple of times, visited local parks and gardens on pre-booked slots. I even ate once in a cafe. So some sort of social activity is returning. Subconsciously I hoped everything to be the same, which is far from it. Sometimes I do not know how to react when I mix up going along one-way arrows on floor in public places, how to stick to social distancing rules in narrow corridors, whether to keep a mask on or off while shopping. 

Letters from Natasha: April 2020

I hope you're doing well. What can I write about today? I would really like to write about something else than what is outside our windows, but it's not working. No matter who you are, a craftsperson, an artist, a designer, a taxi driver, a teacher, whether you are an Italian, a Russian, or an English, we all feel stress, and concern about today, tomorrow, and the future.