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A Final Farewell. Letters From Lucy: January 2020.

I’ll start off by saying if you were ever to read one of the blogs I’ve written over the last year, this is the one I’d want you to read.  Especially seeing it’s the start of the new decade and many are taking a moment to give their life a once over. 

The exact moment I realised I needed to change my life happened in 2014 when I was sitting on a bale in the hayloft trying not to cry at work. It was in that moment I was at my “rock bottom”. I’d felt totally useless and incompetent for so long and that day had been the breaking point.

Letters from Lucy: December 2019

Since January 2019, our scholarship winner Lucy Cushley has kept inundated with all her saddlery career.  In her final blog of 2019, Lucy discusses her recent encounter with her local primary school and why it’s so important to love what we do.

Letters from Lucy: September 2019
This month Lucy writes about self-development, motivations speeches and the benefits of being part of a community both online and offline.   Hi All, It’s been another crazy month for me! I’m a great believer in continual professional development, or good old CPD as it’s known. Every day you should be working to improve
Letters from Lucy: July 2019
  This month Lucy touches on a very topical issue, mental health.   Hi all, I was dropping off a customer’s order when they said to me “You look to be having the time of your life right now”. If I’m honest it shocked me. My instant thought was “If only they knew what was going on in my life right now.” If
This month Lucy tells us all about her conundrum in finding the right fitting for her customer’s horse harness…   Hi all, This month it was Abbey England to the rescue! A customer had been looking for some square white metal terrets (the metal rings the reins go through on the pad of a horse harness). After looking through all the