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Letters from Christie: Winning at Chess.

The past couple of weeks have been very successful within the workshop. I have spent all of my time at work and very little time within my workshop at home. I am looking forward to summer holidays when I can really put the new bench to good use and find any improvements and changes I want to make for the future.

I have been mainly focusing on my military exams this month. This was to be my second of three exams which consisted of making a selection of military items and then my favourite part...

Letters from Christie: Next Stop British Showjumping National Championships.

At the end of the month I was very proud to say I completed my level 2 saddle exam and working straight onto my level 3! The level 2 saddle is a pony saddle which I completed in 2020, but unfortunately due to COVID the exam was later than planned. I had to work hard remembering the process and points within making a saddle from scratch.

Letters from Christie: A Royal Salute

Since my last blog I have been my usual busy self, still trying to find the work, life and horse balance, which so far has been successful. April started with some downtime on Easter holiday away from work which I spent with my daughter, Chloe and plenty of horse activities. I then returned to work for the week, knuckling down with my apprenticeship. Ceremonial rehearsals do not take place whilst everyone is away on holiday, so this is a perfect opportunity to work on my apprenticeship.

Letters from Christie: Getting the green light for ceremonial duties.

At work we have had the green light for some form of ceremonial duties to go ahead for the year. We have begun training for Royal Windsor Horse show at which we perform The Musical Drive. I have been asked to ride Number One position for B sub section.