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Letters from Christie: Next Stop British Showjumping National Championships.

At the end of the month I was very proud to say I completed my level 2 saddle exam and working straight onto my level 3! The level 2 saddle is a pony saddle which I completed in 2020, but unfortunately due to COVID the exam was later than planned. I had to work hard remembering the process and points within making a saddle from scratch.

Letters from Christie: A Royal Salute

Since my last blog I have been my usual busy self, still trying to find the work, life and horse balance, which so far has been successful. April started with some downtime on Easter holiday away from work which I spent with my daughter, Chloe and plenty of horse activities. I then returned to work for the week, knuckling down with my apprenticeship. Ceremonial rehearsals do not take place whilst everyone is away on holiday, so this is a perfect opportunity to work on my apprenticeship.

Letters from Christie: Getting the green light for ceremonial duties.

At work we have had the green light for some form of ceremonial duties to go ahead for the year. We have begun training for Royal Windsor Horse show at which we perform The Musical Drive. I have been asked to ride Number One position for B sub section.

Letters from Zoë: September 2020

Relying on old and trusted things such as our houses and our favourite slippers is something very common, however, these things get worn. They need a bit of help and TLC, and this month has definitely been one for restoration. Going from a well-loved billiards box to replacing the webbing on a cartridge bag, the bursting seams of a briefcase, an endless amount of replaced straps, new handles, new chapes and even a chair or two to re-upholster.

Letters from Zoë: August 2020

This month featured national leathercraft day (15th August) and online I saw many, people showcasing their best works, whether they are new to the hobby, training or a master of the trade already. It was lovely to see this handmade culture evolving and developing from so many walks of life. 

Letters from Zoë: July 2020

This month has been a turning point for a lot of business’. We are now returning to a ‘semi-normal’ version of what life used to be like. I cannot express how much I miss being in the workshop. This was up until I found my first job was a bespoke belt to make which required stitching around the entire length, my fingers which had become extremely soft during lockdown were not pleased with this shock of work!

Letters from Zoë: June 2020

Last month I spoke about economical leather, and this month I wanted to focus on buckle and fittings manufacture. Looking at the bigger picture of how and where items are made is so important to have conscious confidence in reliability but also high standards for the product...

Letters from Zoë: April 2020

There has been debate about hobbyists in recent months. There was an idea that hobbyists are devaluing the worth of trained leatherworkers and saddlers, which quite frankly isn’t true in the slightest. The real truth is that hobbyists are so important to keeping the fascination and constant attention drawn towards leatherwork.

Letters from Zoë: March 2020

I’m fortunate to have the space to work from home but I know there are so many people who have much uncertainty about their jobs and their income.
I’m extremely lucky to be able to have help from so many different people and places. Not only in a time of crisis like now but with every piece of work and every step I’ve made in the saddlery trade. In the last couple of blogs, I have mentioned the three different Apprenticeships I am completing and thought it would be key to explain who all these people are who are helping me so much with pursuing my dream...

Letters from Natasha: March 2020

Let us presume that accidentally you fell in love with leathercraft and realised that you are eager to study more. You want to learn the skills needed to create more advanced handcrafted leather objects.  The opportunities for further studies are many, depending on the time and money you have. Online videos (,, webinars, and books an excellent initial route of collecting knowledge.