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Saddlery Series Part 6: Heavy Elastic

Elastic was first invented and used for clothing in 1820, and it can be assumed that using elastic in the production of saddles and tack wasn’t far behind. Our heavy elastic is commonly used on the saddle girth straps, with elastic on one or both sides attaching the girth buckles to the girth strap. This prevents the saddle slipping and ensures a snugger fit around the horse’s middle.

Saddlery Series Part 5: Flocking.

In our penultimate saddlery series, we focus our attention on flocking. Flocking as we know is essential to the welfare of the horse and rider. A properly flocked saddle will be stuffed evenly, preventing pressure points and therefore musculoskeletal damage to the horse. The well flocked saddle also prevents a sore back for the rider, adding balance to the seat and distributing the rider’s weight more evenly across the saddle, by providing consistent contact with the horse. With all this is mind, the need for high quality flocking and the correct application is amplified.

Saddlery Series Part 4: Leather

We provide the highest quality leather in traditional colours (black and brown), as well as a wide range of non-traditional colours, including red, tan, blue, chestnut, stone, yellow, green and burgundy. We stock these in a wide range of types and thicknesses, from 1mm up to 5mm, to meet our customer’s saddle needs. Here we look at our top picks chosen by our in-house Expert Craig Evans.

Saddlery Series Part 3: Foams.

he right type and amount of foam padding in the creation of the saddle will provide the perfect level of support and comfort for both the horse and rider. It provides stability and cushions impacts through shock absorption. Extra padding can also be used for horses with sensitive backs, or earlier injuries, and also for older riders or riders with knee, hip and back issues of their own. In our saddlery series part 3, we discuss our range of foams and their applications. 

Saddlery Series Part 2: here’s what you need to know about welting.

Welting is used in a similar way to piping in upholstery. It eliminates rough edges and creates clean lines, for a smart look to the saddle. Welting is a strip of hardwearing fabric, usually leather but other materials are becoming popular, which is sewn onto the edging of a saddle to add a smooth finish. It is used to seamlessly join parts of the saddle which meet and attach, such as where the seat, twist and pommel meets the skirt on a saddle, defining the shape.