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Letters from Zoë: April 2020

There has been debate about hobbyists in recent months. There was an idea that hobbyists are devaluing the worth of trained leatherworkers and saddlers, which quite frankly isn’t true in the slightest. The real truth is that hobbyists are so important to keeping the fascination and constant attention drawn towards leatherwork.

Letters from Zoë: March 2020

I’m fortunate to have the space to work from home but I know there are so many people who have much uncertainty about their jobs and their income.
I’m extremely lucky to be able to have help from so many different people and places. Not only in a time of crisis like now but with every piece of work and every step I’ve made in the saddlery trade. In the last couple of blogs, I have mentioned the three different Apprenticeships I am completing and thought it would be key to explain who all these people are who are helping me so much with pursuing my dream...

Letters from Zoë: Febuary 2020

This blog will mark the end of the Saddlers competition season, as we embark on the outdoor show season for many riders and horse owners. Winter can be seen as a quiet time in the year with mud often up to your knees and rain almost every day and it can be hard to be productive. However, for us saddlers, we have been busy working towards the National Saddlery Competition at Saddlers’ Hall in London...

Letters from Lucy: December 2019

Since January 2019, our scholarship winner Lucy Cushley has kept inundated with all her saddlery career.  In her final blog of 2019, Lucy discusses her recent encounter with her local primary school and why it’s so important to love what we do.

Letters from Lucy: May 2019
Hi All, This month’s blog is coming to you from 25,000ft somewhere over the Irish sea! I’m on my way back from a long weekend at The Hertfordshire County Show. For the first time, the show had a Saddlery tent, full of displays and demonstrators and ran a Saddlery competition of four classes, (A dog lead, a Headcollar, a leather box or container
Letters from Lucy: April 2019
This month Lucy had a trip to see our friends and fellow Sedgwick investors, Crawford Hide Company in Northern Ireland. She was given the ultimate behind the scenes tour which gave her a great insight to just how much work goes into producing hides which later end up at Sedgwick HQ to be finished off...   Hi all, This month I’ve
This month Lucy tells us all about her conundrum in finding the right fitting for her customer’s horse harness…   Hi all, This month it was Abbey England to the rescue! A customer had been looking for some square white metal terrets (the metal rings the reins go through on the pad of a horse harness). After looking through all the