BioThane is a unique, strong and pliable synthetic-coated webbing with a myriad of uses in different industries, including the equestrian, pet, medical and frontline sectors.

It is a water-resistant and resilient material that is modern, practical, easy to clean and disinfect, and is especially kind to horse and dog coats. It is becoming increasingly popular with pet product manufacturers in the production of pet and working dog accessories, and has also been instrumental in manufacturing products to help in the UK’s fight against Covid-19.

Our best-selling Biothane is the Beta Standard. Typically used for dog collar making and bridle making, the Beta Standard is available in multiple sizes and colours. It has a matt finish and high UV resistance, as well as being easy to clean after use. Thickness measures 2.5mm and has a break strength of 453kg (break strength value is per 25mm width).


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